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Psalm 41 – Blessed is He Who Considers the Poor

Psalm 41 – Blessed is He Who Considers the Poor

David complains of all who are against him and that they brutally conspire against him. He asks for mercy and healing from the Lord. His illness seems to be that of a spiritual nature. Though David’s sin is not mentioned per se, I could surmise that it could be in his relation to his dealing with the poor and perhaps his own selfishness in handling that reality. David is extremely wealthy and is King over a prosperous nation. All nations, governments, and kingdom must deal with the issue of the poor. Jesus stated that we would always have the poor among us and with that in mind, God will judge us on how we treat the poor. The Lord loves and considers the poor and will bless all who help the poor. In fact, the Lord will protect, deliver, and heal those who support and assist the poor. This is contrasted with David’s cry in repentance and as he sees his attacks from his enemies as a direct result from sinning against the Lord.

How often do see the results of our day to day lives and the troubles we face as coming from our disobedience to God. David is, in fact, on his sickbed (’a deadly thing has fastened upon me’). Also, he complains that evil is spoken against him in lies and gossip. Even his close companions have come against him.

In the utmost desperate times of our lives, we must follow the example David and cry out to God knowing that God will not forsake His children, that we are held by him and that he will set us in his presence forever. What an extraordinary promise. David concludes this psalm with a beautiful doxology, a brilliant closing hymn of praise to God, ‘Blessed be the Lord, the God of Israel. From everlasting to everlasting. Amen and Amen.’

‘As for me, thou dost uphold me in my integrity, and set me in thy presence forever’

Psalm 41:12

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21 ene 2021

Thankyou Kurt for your encouraging words. ( I'm happy to have found the website, which btw, is beautifully done. ) I am excited by all that God is doing amongst the poor, from many nations in our locale ! Bless you, Esther

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