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Eleos Ministries (Eleos Charitable Trust reg. 1037105) was established in 1994 by missionary couple Kurt & Asha Erickson. Through their work among the poor in one of London's neediest boroughs, especially among the children, street sleepers, the disenfranchised afflicted and mostly unchurched individuals they encountered. Eleos Ministries has witnessed the transformation of thousands of lives through the power of the gospel of Jesus.

In 1994 the Church Without Walls was planted, 1996 Eleos Christian Church (The Church Within Walls) was established and 2002 The Eleos School of Ministry and Practical Theology, still stands as one of the longest continually bible schools in East London. Eleos is currently involved in missionary work worldwide. Since 1994, after establishing The Bosnia Relief Fund, which ministering in war-torn Bosnia and Croatia through teaching seminars and humanitarian aid. Eleos Ministries has worked and/or partnered with other ministries in over two dozen countries with evangelistic outreaches through, teaching, preaching and leadership conferences. Our ‘Hands of Mercy’ Seminars have ministered to churches around the world.

Presently, Eleos Ministries is a dynamic community of believers, whose aim is to make the gospel of Jesus Christ known to everyone from across the street to across the seas. We believe it is crucial that everyone come to know Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. And that all who believe continue to grow in their love for Him and for others within the church and show His love and mercy to those who do not know Jesus. The church places great emphasis on the of living out one's faith through a balanced theology, love of God and the power of the Holy Spirit.

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