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  • Kurt Erickson

Ps 33&34 'Standing United and Ready for His Use.'

These psalms speak of unity and the joy of possessing both. The Lord calls it ‘pleasant’ when this is achieved.

The metaphor the Lord uses to describe this unity is one of oil being poured out upon the head. This refers to when Moses anointed Aaron and consecrated him and his sons as priests. The unity we share is like that anointing oil (Lev8:12). One way to misuse this anointing is to remain in disunity with a brother or sister. The effect of the oil running down the head is that it eventually flows over the entire body, down the beard, over the robe, etc. The is the effect of the harmonious gathering of the servants of God. It spreads throughout the whole body of Christ. It also has the effect of rainfall or dew. It moistens and refreshes. It brings new beginnings and hope, and which is itself, a sign of new beginnings and hope.

Therefore, Jesus stressed continually that his disciples love each other (Jn.13) and that they are to esteem each other better than themselves and to stop making comparisons because His goal was complete unity. In this way, God could pour out his blessings upon them.

The psalmist also exhorts the readers to bless the Lord especially those who stand by night in the house of the Lord: in God’s presence. These are the watchmen, the intercessors; the ones who may weep through the night knowing that joy will come in the morning.

With raised hands we should bless the Lord: hands raised, praising, surrendered, yielded completely to Jesus. Through this watching and being surrendered peace comes from our creator!

‘It is like precious oil…running down…running down…’ – Psalm 133:2

‘Come bless the Lord, all you servants of the Lord’ – Psalm 134:1

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