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  • Kurt Erickson

Standing shoulder to shoulder, heart to heart, life to life with the March for Life, Wash. D.C. 2021

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Spring 2021

Dear friends loved ones, and prayer supporters, Easter Greetings! I trust you had a wonderful Easter observance and are looking forward to this new season coming among us. We are experiencing some exc

God: The Resting Place of Man.

Psalms 84 God: The Resting Place of Man. The Psalmist's desire to be with God is rooted deep in his soul longs, as he faints to be in the courts of the Lord, like the deer that pants for the streams

Ps 33&34 'Standing United and Ready for His Use.'

These psalms speak of unity and the joy of possessing both. The Lord calls it ‘pleasant’ when this is achieved. The metaphor the Lord uses to describe this unity is one of oil being poured out upon th


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